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CadMakers are a team of engineers and softeware developers looking at old problems in new ways. Deeply interested in automated methods to generate prefacbrication outputs, robotic and AI, the CadMakers team is working at the very edge of digital innovations within the construction and manufacturing industries.

The aim to bridge an industry wide disconnect between design and construction is realized through their hyper detailed digital 3D models that are then thoroughly analyzed by the tradespeople tasked with materializing the architect's vision. By utilizing advanced virtual reality construction the project's material purchasing lead times, excess material waste, site holding costs and onsite construction time are all significantly reduced.

CadMakers is a construction and manufacturing technology company, developing distinctive products and services in the construction and manufacturing space to deliver solutions to the industry's largest challenges.

Head Office

2285 Clark Dr. Suite 100

Vancouver BC V5N 3G9

(604) 670 - 7016

Peter Atkinson