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We believe that social connectivity is a central tool for increasing societal resilience.

Yet social isolation, environmental degradation and economic polarization seem cemented into our urbanized built environment. How can we, as architects and urban designers, change that?

Human Studio was founded on this question.

We exist to assist the shift toward building a world that can last, a world we want to live in, a world we can proudly pass on.

By humanizing our work and asking of each project we take on “how can this better connect people?” we take daily, incremental steps toward our vision.

The answers vary from project to project but what we bring, every time, is a dedication to understanding what is needed by the clients, the communities they serve, our team and ultimately the world we are all a part of. Designing with such diverse perspectives at play has confirmed that these explorations are vital to building spaces that align with a cooperative, sustainable future.

Pete Atkinson, Human Studio principal, speaking to our belief that architecture can positively impact systemic change: